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Permalink Good, then we know, Hoya.
Permalink First edition will be B.A.P with Warrior! :D

What is kpop-derps?

Well, to put this simply: it’s a hell of a funny blog!

This is a blog dedicated to the epic moments when you pause a video of your idols in action! :D You can do nothing but looove when; say your bias looks like he/she hits an invisible wall och make any sort of derpface. 

Right now there are only two in our “staff”, me and my friend and we will post some pretty darn hilarious pics of our idols goofy side! 

You may request a video you want us to take a look at and ultimately post here on this blog. So don’t be shy and make yourself heard, we need addition to what we already found! ;D

See ya’ll!

(Source: fuckyeahkpopcaptions)